Saturday, March 21st
Tin Angel

20 S. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, 215-928-0700
w/Gamma Rae & The Jazz Tones
Show: 8:00 pm / $10

The Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra CD is now available!
While we're still getting used to the idea that this won't be pressed on 78 RPM, we're most-pleased with this recording. Pete Rydberg at 1935 recording studio in South Philadelphia is quite a the recording whiz and we're sure you'll agree.
"An irony-free ukulele and vocal romp through the Great American Songbook, Senior Division. Hits from before you mother was born."
Check it out at CD Baby!

Orchestra Members:
Vivian Vapors, Mortimer LaGrippe, Horace Dropsy, Cecil St. Vitas, Sophinisba díChilblains, Wendell Savoy,
Raymond Davenport, Elmer Moxie, Dudley Liniment, Hubert Clarence Lindencroft, Alphonse (A.J.) Carbuncle, Robert Quinine

Meet the band!

Here's a few videos we've found online from kind folks like yourselves!

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